Soulful Leadership

If you’re not bringing your soul to work, you’re not getting the most of your leadership potential, business success and social impact.


Why Soulful Leadership?

Research tells us that soulful qualities like compassion, vulnerability and intuition are incredibly powerful levers for change, yet they seem to get left at the corporate door. Maybe we’ve bought into the notion that our feminine energies are too soft for environments that value discipline, drive and production. If so, we’ve been misled. When we leave these strengths out of the equation, our organizations suffer and we can end up feeling disconnected and dissatisfied.

What This Means For You

You can bring your whole self – body, mind and spirit – to your leadership. In fact, your wellbeing, your people and your business success are counting on it.

As I will share with you, soulful leaders and organizations are more productive, profitable and successful in achieving their corporate and social impact goals. Their employees are happier, more engaged and committed to achieving high levels of performance.

Learn more here about how I can help you enrich your leadership journey with grace, ease and abundance.

“Lisa Watson is a truly inspiring leader, coach and mentor. She brings deep wisdom and experience to her work, helping leaders to navigate the complexities and tensions of change. I have learned a tremendous amount from her about what it means to be a leader that is present, mindful and adaptive, which has strengthened my leadership practice and my business.”

– Tanya Darisi, Founder & Principal, The O’Halloran Group

Meet Lisa Watson

Lisa Watson is a leadership strategist and executive coach who helps awakened leaders to lead their lives and businesses with soulful wisdom and grace. Lisa provides customized coaching, workshops, strategy and business development to leaders and teams to empower compassionate, conscious companies that create a positive social impact. Her work has been featured in Huffington Post and other leadership publications.


Soulful Leadership Journeys

An Introduction

Spend an hour with me to explore what’s keeping you awake at night and identify your soulful next steps. Find out more here.

Six-Week Starter Program

Work with me over three one-hour sessions to help you explore what you’d love to be doing in your leadership practice right now, and how to get started. Find out more here.

Custom Packages

Custom packages are also available.
Find out more here.

Intensive Program

Deepen your soulful leadership journey with this 3-month program. Includes a two-hour kick-off plus a series of one-hour coaching sessions. Find out more here.

Workshops & Retreats

Workshops & Retreats (2016)

Check back for more information about my upcoming Soulful Leadership Workshops & Retreats!

Upcoming Events
Soulful Leadership Journey Program
October 26, November 2, 9, 23

Speaking Engagements


Speaking Engagements

To enquire about bookings, please contact me here.

“Lisa epitomizes soulful leadership. She brings a wide range of skills – facilitation, coaching, content knowledge – and an accumulation of years of experience that help organizations grow and teaches leaders how to lead.”

– Robin Gofine, VP, Strategic Community Planning and Engagement, UJA Federation of Greater Toronto



Featured Articles

I write and speak about why and how to practice soulful leadership for a healthier, more abundant life, business and social impact. My work has been featured in Huffington Post and other leadership publications. Check out my work here or contact me for a media interview.

Social Impact

Strategies For Social Impact

Strategies for Social Impact is a consulting firm based in Toronto that specializes in collaborating with nonprofit organizations, public institutions and funders to help them make deep and lasting changes in the world.

Through our individualized and collaborative work with clients, we facilitate strategy development, systems change, evaluation, and the development of learning organizations that are adaptive and innovative in dealing with complexity and change.

“Lisa Watson is a dynamic, soulful leader and coach who uses compassion, spirituality and intuition to coach other leaders through change. She is motivating and inspirational and has encouraged me to step beyond my boundaries to enhance my leadership skills and coaching practice and to follow my passion.”

Jennifer Mercanti, J.D., CPC, AVP & Senior Counsel, Divisional Law, Canadian Division, Manulife Financial Corporation

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